Monday, 26 September 2011

Amel Bouchoucha - Darb Jnoun

Yala Music have just launched their new Amel Bouchoucha video, Darb Jnoun.  You can watch it here.

The film was shot at the beginning of the summer in Marrakech at the Palais Mehdi.

Executive Producer Pierre Grigoriantz asked Still Images to be involved.  Alan Keohane was commissioned to be the Lighting Director and Terry Munson shot the publicity stills.

You can see a selection of Terry's photos on the Yala Music website.

The video features international Flameco star Amador Rojas from Seville.

The filming was done over two nights and was quite a challenge.  Not only did we have to light 5 different sets but the temperatures were over 40 degrees centigrade even in the middle of the night!

It was also an interesting experience to work with a truck load of massive HMI, Tungsten and Kino Flo lights and manage a team of grips and electricians.  Not quite the same as using our portable, but powerful, Elinchrom studio flash, which can all fit into the back of the van and be managed by a couple of assistants!

Luckily Alan is a master planner and he prepared for the filming by drawing up detailed floor plans of each of the locations and worked out not only where all the lights should go ahead of time, but also which lights should be moved where and when each time we struck one set to build another.

It would not have been fun hauling hot and heavy lights around without knowing where exactly you are going with them!

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